What to wear in 2017

By Karen Ubani

Have you ever been in a situation where you had a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear? How on earth does that happen? But more importantly, how can you make sure it doesn’t happen in 2017?
One way to do this is to understand your style. When you shop, you need to go beyond how to clothes look on the mannequin to how they look on you and make you feel. When I shop, I look for pieces that are 100% me. I understand my personality, and dressing preferences, so I shop to suit those. Do you prefer bright colours? Or warmer shades? Whichever is the case, ensure you only shop for pieces that flow with your style. And just in case you’re not too sure what that is, make a conscious effort to study yourself in the coming year. Find out the clothes you are most comfortable in and that flatter your figure the most. What sort of clothes do you get the most compliments about? Take loads of pictures and be more conscious about what you wear.
That said, here are a few fashion trends for 2017 you might try to incorporate!

The Strap Off the Shoulder Effect

This is a beautiful style to pull off, but you need to be sure you are confident in it. If you have bigger arms, off shoulder will only flatter if you are on weight control. I’ll shed more light on managing our bodies in my next article.


The Flare Effect

Flares are timeless due to their ability to fit all figure types, unlike full gathers or pleats, which will make a plus size person look bigger.


Jumpsuits are definitely coming back with a bang in 2017 because the fashion world is seeking refreshment.



Capes will continue but only creative designers will cash in the bills by giving alternative patterns to the options that have already flooded the market.


Karen Ubani is a guest writer at lajuiren.com. With a degree from the London College of Fashion, she is the founder and creative director of Karen Ubani Apparel. You can check out her contemporary designs for the modern woman at karenubani.com.

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