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-Laju Iren

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Mirror mirror is a must read. I saw my self in that book, my reality and convictions of who I’m in Christ became stronger. I got to understand what my father thinks of me and I’m grateful to pastor Laju for taking out time to write this. God bless you ma


Thank you very much ma for 'Dating Intelligently '. So many lessons to be learnt from here. A must read book for singles, dating and married people. Very insightful, full of wisdom and truth.


Selfies with bible girls is an amazing book! This is a Classic! So many important lessons have been brought to bear in our walk with God. Glory to God! Laju Iren you are blessed!


Girlcyclopaedia is such a useful book that will help young ladies with burning questions about life, living, relationships and their walk with God.


I love how Pastor Laju Iren always finds a perfect way to tell a love story without leaving our the ultimate lover. Finding Miriam was a beautiful read!! Well done ma


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Inspiring Stories on Love, Life and Faith

Dating Intelligently

“He’s not really a bad person,” I told my friend. “Besides, God said we should not judge.” I could tell…

Grace, what a wonderful name

I had always imagined my mother as a grandmother; envisaged the first day I would tell her that I was…

Closed Mouths can't speak

Indifference, masquerading as religion, keeps me from saving a man, who could in turn save a nation.
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