Valentine is for singles!

Valentine’s day can be a bore if you’re single, a pain if you’re in a relationship that’s having problems and downright heartbreak if you just went through a break up. Take heart, there are so many reasons you should be glad this season.

1. Joy doesn’t come from having a significant other

Relationships are not about two halves coming together to form a whole. God’s plan is for two whole people who already know who they are on him to come together and compliment each other. If you think you need a relationship to be happy, you must likely would be unhappy when you get into one, because you’d realise soon enough that joy isn’t found in relationships. That person will be an imperfect person just like you, so you’re setting you both up for failure if you think he or she will be the source of your joy.

2. Purpose isn’t dependent on a better half

Whether or not you get married, you can still fulfil God’s purpose for your life. His purpose is that you live for Christ and cause others to do the same. Your life is not going to begin when you enter a relationship. It has already begun, and it really isn’t your life. It’s Christ’s, so live for him.

3. Better nobody than the wrong person.

Ask anyone who has gone through hell in their relationships, and they will tell you how they wish for the single days. Be patient. God’s got you. The biggest mistake you will make would be to pick someone simply because you’re tired of waiting. That is the recipe for making the wrong decisions. Brother, sister, let patience have its work in you.
Valentine is for singles (PART TWO) will be out from 12 midnight tonight right here. In the meantime, make up your mind to enjoy your day! You’re loved by a special someone.

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  1. hope February 13, 2017 at 7:22 pm

    Yes! We are not whole because of someone else, we are whole because we are made complete in Him.

  2. Jyeesmuis February 13, 2017 at 10:29 pm

    expectant… *smiles*


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