Twenty three lessons (and counting) I’ve learned in 2016

2016. It’s been a life changing year for me. I became a mom for the first time, started a blog and did lots of other stuff. I’ve also learned a whole lot…and realized that there is even much more to learn. That’s what this post is about. I tried to limit it to lessons that really resounded and finally stuck in this year especially but I won’t be surprised if there are one or two from 2015 or from an even earlier year in my life. I’m getting older you know. lol. Anyway, I keep remembering more and more lessons that’s why ‘(and counting)’ is in the headline. So bear with me if the post gets meatier every five seconds, here are the lessons:


  1. Just do it.

    I’m a recovering procrastinator. One of those girls, full of potential who just wants to take things slow because she is afraid that they might not work out as she hoped. But this year, I learnt to just do it, sometimes afraid, sometimes not thoroughly prepared. Because the worst thing that can happen is that it won’t work out, but that is nothing compared to the pain of never knowing, because you never tried. And guess what? It did work out. Maybe failure isn’t as popular as you think it is.

    2. Mothers are to be honoured

    Yep. I mean I knew this before, but there was this revelation knowledge that came upon me in the labour room while giving birth to my daughter in March. I can now totally relate to all that talk in Nollywood movies about carrying a baby in your womb for nine months and how that should mean they would honour your every word…especially about who to marry. Hahaha. I also got to really appreciate having my mum in my life this year more than any other.

    3. People will acknowledge in you what acknowledge in yourself.

    Hmmm. How do I expound on this without sounding funny. Just take it as you see it. Be confident of God’s work in your life and don’t be afraid to share it with the world. It’s not humility if you have what people need and keep it from them for fear of being presumptuous.

    4. There will be surprises.

    You don’t know what tomorrow will bring. How much more the entire year ahead. You cannot predict the turn of events, so build your foundation only on what is sure. That foundation is a He. His name is Jesus. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have challenges if you follow him. However, you can be sure that now matter what, you have a hope beyond this life.

    5. Time flies.

    Oh it does. Like a bird on steroids. Whatever pain you might be feeling now will not always be there. Soon, you’ll need to be reminded about that break-up, that miscarriage, that job you lost because you would have been compensated so many times over. This also means that what you must do now should not be procrastinated.

    6. Jesus’ authority was given to him for us.

    I attend Celebration Church so it should come as no surprise to you that the spiritual lessons I’ve learned this year should be enough to write a book. But this one really stuck with me. Jesus was already God. The reason why all authority in heaven and on the earth needed to be given to him was for the sake of the church. We have an inheritance beyond dominion over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air. That inheritance in Christ.

    7. Babies are a joy.

    Hmmm. Sleepless nights, hours of breastfeeding and plenty drama, but I wouldn’t trade this little princess for the world.

    8. There is no substitute for hard work.

    A sentence is enough for the wise.

    9. People are beyond your greatest assets. They are people. Treat them as such.

    There can be a tendency to sometimes see your relationship with people as a means to an end. Don’t do it. See the true value in people; Christ died for them so you must love them like he does, ensure they must know about him and grow in their knowledge of him.

    10. Consistency

    Have You Eaten taught me this. Eight years of keeping on the good work. Not caring about whether or not people noticed, just keeping on, and despite many challenges, the organisation is ever strong.

    11. Marriage can be a bed of roses if you constantly take out time to weed out the thorns.

    Let the reader understand.

    12. Don’t pine over what you don’t have.

    Focus on what you do have, work with it and make the best out of it. The people you’re comparing yourself with started somewhere. So practice contentment and learn focus.

    13.  Success in purpose is not determined by likes, shares and followers

    I joined instagram this year, and I must confess, it felt good to have lots of people like your posts and follow your page. Believe me, traffic is ‘heaven’ when you’re a blogger. But the Holy Spirit reminded me strongly that good feedback didn’t necessarily mean I was succeeding in His will for me, just the same way the lack thereof did not mean I was not succeeding in his will for me.

    14. Don’t be quick to judge.

    There is a possibility that you might be wrong.

    15. Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young.

    There’s no need to argue or struggle. Be the leader you know you can be by leading by example.

    16.Forgive easily.

    Your identity as a Christian is hinged on the fact that you’re forgiven

    17. The world is getting darker.

    Our light must shine brighter.

    18. You can overcome sinful habits by the Holy Spirit.

    Get up and dust yourself every time you fall. Very soon, it’ll be so far in your rear view mirror you’d forget you ever struggled with it.

    19. Be genuinely grateful for people who are where you hope to be.

    Whether or not you think they deserve it. Nobody deserves it, not even you. Learn to always celebrate the hand of God as soon as you recognize it. Be smart enough to recognize it early

    20. Learn.

    If something concerns your work, business or ministry, at least have a fair idea of how it works. People might disappoint you or just not be available with genuine reasons. The hubby says the best way to deal with this is to keep training new people. He’s an expert at this, I on the other hand am hoping to learn that in 2017.

    21. The Art of Make up

I kind of learned this. Please lessons were for personal consumption, I am not equipped to teach or make others up. Even personally, I’m not there yet, but I’m definitely not where I used to be.

22. Blogging

I think I’ve always been a writer, but this year, I learned the mechanics of blogging. At least some part of the mechanics. Thank you, Pst Tolu Oludapo of for teaching me.

23. A new year doesn’t necessarily mean a new you.

The best way to see your new year resolutions come true is to start working on them now.
What did you learn in 2016? Please don’t hesitate to share in the comments section.

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  1. Shalom Igwe December 30, 2016 at 12:45 am

    Thank you Pst. Laju for this post…I really do like your simplicity and honesty..God bless you ma. For me my greatest lessons were to trust God more even in trying situations which was the hardest part for me and this year was sure a roller coaster (We lost my best friend’s mum 2 days ago which was just the height for me) but in all I have learnt to trust an unfailing God. Also, as much as I learnt the art of valuing people more, I also learnt that certain people don’t necessarily need to be in your life especially when they feel your life with drama…Nuff said so my comment doesn’t turn to another post…… God bless you for being a yielded vessel ma. Love!

  2. Oludapo Tolulope January 2, 2017 at 4:21 am

    Awww, Great lessons and I am privileged to have been a part of this. God bless you Pastor Laju

  3. Olukemi January 2, 2017 at 12:33 pm

    Hi, can you please write a post on the Holy Spirit? How to be filled with the spirit as I’ve noticed nothing can be done without the Holy Spirit. I’m a slightly new believer and this is something I really want to experience

    1. Laju Iren January 2, 2017 at 4:21 pm

      Yes Kemi. Yes I will. Please expect it on or before Friday. God bless you and welcome to the family.

    2. Tolu January 12, 2017 at 1:21 pm

      You are welcome to the family!!


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