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I Am My Son's Daughter

She had lost a son. One would expect that her mourning would be endless. Yet here she was at the upper room, eagerly awaiting the promised Holy Spirit. She had never forgotten her encounter with the Angel over thirty years ago. But she was human. A mother. It made sense that she would get worried when her twelve year old son…

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PART TWO Aritesioma I am a child. My name is Aritesioma, but I prefer to be called Arit. Not that anyone has ever asked me. But even if someone did, I would not be able to tell them. It because of the kind of child I am. You see, there are two kinds of the children: number one, the ones…

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Eyimofe “Take this, it will take care of everything.” I looked at the pill Gbenga had put in my hands. How could something so small take care of something so big? And what exactly did “everything” mean? Did it include the hurt and pain of betraying my parents, the memory of giving my virginity to someone who could not care…

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