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Anniversary Special

Hi, I wanted to make it very easy for you to be a part of our anniversary celebration, since you can’t be with us. So i thought, what better way than a blog post with all the information you need? I made a video and a blog post on how to still accomplish your new year resolutions, by all means…

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Sex: After court or church wedding?

  I know it’s #Dauntless #SelfiesWithBibleGirls season. But I’m still a #relationshipblogger so I feel the need to make clearer what should be done as regards this ongoing debate. Interestingly, I had answered this in another book I’m working on, so I practically copied and pasted from the draft. Que: We have done the court wedding, he is of the…

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How to Choose the Wrong Spouse

by Laju Iren I don’t always show it, but I get a little worried when I counsel some young people about their relationships. Sometimes I just feel like asking them the hubby’s famous words: ‘Why are you so bent on ruining your life?’ That’s why I’ve written this article. I’m hoping that you’d see more clearly what a bad relationship…

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