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My Dauntless Address

At the Dauntless conference held on Sunday, August 27th, this was my full address: Pastors, esteemed guests, members of the press, family, friends, volunteers good evening. I don’t know where to start. I’ve learned from experience that this phrase always signals the beginning of long, boring speeches. So I will not use it today. I will simply have very many…

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Barrenness, Lies & Laughter (Selfies With Bible Girls)

Purchase Selfies With Bible Girls Profile: Sarah Location: Genesis 17-23 #MotherAt99 #MotherOfNations #FirstMotherInIsrael #Abe’sWife #Submission#barrenness #miraclebabies #ttc “I’m the one asking you to do this Abe. You know that I would do whatever you ask me to, no matter how uncomfortable it makes me feel.” Her husband was quiet. “This is different. How can I be with another woman? I…

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