Staying Faithful

Not all men cheat. And not all women will leave their beloved for a richer man. Ideas like this are perpetuated largely by people who choose to be unfaithful and say it is normal thing to justify themselves. This post is not for such people; if you need a blog post to convince you to stay faithful, then it’ll take more than a blogpost; you need Jesus. This article  is for those who desire to be faithful to their partners and want to know how. It’s for those who realize that faithfulness, choosing to stay with one person through thick or thin is the most romantic thing you can do.

  1. Only believe

More often than not, our perception of relationships is shaped by the relationships we have seen growing up. If your dad was unfaithful to your mum, or vice versa, you might have a hard time believing that not all marriages are like that.  That’s not the right mindset, there are many strong marriages built on fidelity. Believe that it’s possible and believe that you can do it. It goes without saying that you must also marry someone who has the right mindset as well.

  1. Lock the doors

I don’t claim to be a perfect person, but this particular point has helped me greatly that’s why I am sharing this with you. As far as I am concerned, there is no other man as handsome or as good as my husband. Why? I am not looking. I don’t mean that I close my eyes when men pass by me, but my heart is fixed. The doors to my heart are locked with a very big padlock. So even if you’re Mr. World, I can’t notice. Some people will say things like: “Can’t I appreciate the handwork of God? After all, ‘looking’ doesn’t mean I’m doing anything wrong.”  But remember what the Bible says, whosoever looks at a woman lustfully has committed adultery with her in his heart. Empowered by the spirit of God, you can fix your heart faithfully on one person. If you see an attractive guy or lady that could pose a problem to you, lock the doors.
One thing I do when relating to members of the opposite sex is to mention my husband often (and maybe sometimes unnecessarily). Someone once asked me: “Are you married?” I replied: “To the most handsome man in the world.” He responded like he didn’t believe me, and so I called another colleague that was passing bye and asked: “Isn’t my husband finer than this guy.” I laughed and walked away; I didn’t need a response.
Even when we were dating, the hubby did not have any unnecessarily close female friend that he needed to talk to everyday.  It was his choice, not something I requested for. But it made sense. You’re in a relationship, and then you have someone who you call your best friend who is a member of the opposite sex that you communicate with as often as you do with your beloved. Well done sir. Well done ma. I smell trouble like hot burning pepper!
You should know yourself by now. If from the first moment you meet someone, you are even a little attracted to them even though you’re committed to someone else. Don’t deceive yourself. Don’t take their number claiming to want ‘just a friendship.’ Kindly and jejely walkaway.

  1. Really love your own

Not everyone gets the chance to marry someone they love. If you do, please grab it with both hands. However, loving the one you marry is more important and that’s what the bible commands. Some people with say things like: “I love him but…” But what? It means you’re not loving the bible way. We are instructed to treat others the way you would like to be treated. Please signify with a raise of hands if you wouldn’t mind being cheated on. I don’t see any takers. Really love your own. Be content, be satisfied. It is a choice you have to make.

  1. A crime of opportunity

Many times, infidelity is a ‘crime’ of opportunity. Don’t be careless; there is no need for sleepovers in the homes of people of the opposite sex or sharing a room with your secretary when you travel. Avoid unnecessary physical contact and flirtatious behavior. Protect yourself, make it difficult for yourself to find the opportunity to cheat in the first place.

  1. Sex in marriage

This point is specifically targeted at married people; they are the only ones that should be having sex in the first place anyway. Make love to your spouse often and if you feel starved, don’t look outside, let your spouse know you’re struggle. However, never use the fact that you’re not having enough sex as justification to cheat on your spouse. You should be faithful to God first and foremost. Your first loyalty should be to him and his word.

  1. The right company

The wrong friendship can ruin your life and relationship. When you keep company with people who feel unfaithfulness is alright, you might not know when you’ll start softening up to the ideas. So be sure to keep Christian friends who have the right values concerning marriage. I will also mention here that you must watch who you tell about the problems in your marriage or relationship. Some people want to know the state of things so that they can attempt to take the place of your significant other. Sometimes you know someone likes you, but when you have a fight with your partner, they are the first to know because you want some sympathy. Don’t be so unwise.

  1. Let not arguments linger

Almost all relationships with have their downtimes, but never let things escalate to a point where you both don’t care. When you let fights between you both linger, you create a gap for the enemy to pass through. So, forgive each other, kiss and make up.

  1. All round contentment

More often than not, unfaithfulness is a sign of discontentment; You feel like your spouse isn’t meeting your needs physically or otherwise and so you look outside. What you must understand is that no earthly relationship or possession can truly satisfy; only God can. In your heart, let God be more than enough for you.

  1. Porn don’t cut it

You might say it doesn’t matter, but pornography has the capacity to destroy your home as much as cheating with an actual human being. It some ways, it’s even worse; your spouse is competing with the image of a ‘flawless sex machine.’ If you have a pornography addiction, please get help. If you ever need to talk, please email me here.

10. Be led by the spirit

My husband always says something I consider to be the best relationship advice ever. The fruit of the Christian spirit are the same requirements you need for a good relationship, hence the vibrancy of your walk with God determines the quality of your relationship. Meanwhile, the fruits of the flesh are the same things that can destroy your relationship. It’s important that you grow spiritually; as in genuinely grow and be led by the spirit of God because he empowers you to live above sin.

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  1. Adenike Oyebode February 4, 2017 at 1:25 pm

    I love this,it is practical and balanced

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    This is awesome ma
    Thank u ma… Was really blessed.

  3. Joy shimite February 6, 2017 at 5:32 pm

    I love this. It’s inspiring …God bless you PL.

  4. Stephanie Babalola February 13, 2017 at 8:24 pm

    An excellent eye opener. God bless you ma’am

  5. Chika Faith February 15, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    You are very right…….love the down to earth approach 😘


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