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The world pushes us to look into tainted mirrors. We define ourselves in body sizes and skin tones, judging ourselves and others by looks. We look to the mirrors of career, of success, of family, of self-love, hoping desperately to be crowned the fairest one of all, never realizing that we are the ones that give mirrors their power. No…

When God laid it on my heart a while back to put together this e-book, I strongly believe that he had you in mind. So, contrary to what you might think God doesn’t hate you because of what you’re struggling with. In fact, he loves you so much. He has already done something to save you from sin. He took…

In Girl Cyclopedia, Laju Iren answers questions young ladies ask with answers they really need. In this book, she recommends answers to questions ranging from purpose, career, family, love and friendship.

In our day and age when women seem to be pressured all around, there is a need for us to pause, look at the ancient paths and draw strength from those who have gone ahead.

If you love intelligently in a dating relationship, then you can love blindly in marriage without fear. A lack of understanding of this foundational truth has caused many their homes, destinies and lives.

Amanda escapes an abusive relationship and a sordid past through the help of Ugochukwu, aka Goch; a God-loving, handsome millionaire and founder of Goch-Tech.