Amanda escapes an abusive relationship and a sordid past through the help of Ugochukwu, aka Goch; a God-loving, handsome millionaire and founder of Goch-Tech.

Miriam has been in love with Goch for as long as she can remember.

As Head of Human Resources at Goch-Tech, she makes Amanda’s life a living hell. Fast-forward a few years later, Miriam having lost the battle for Goch’s heart, is sent on a CSR venture by Goch-Tech to a village secondary school in a local community. Out of place, she faces a rocky start until she is befriended by a widowed principal, and an unusual group of students. But then, tragedy strikes…
My new 2-in-1 Novel, Loving Amanda, Finding Miriam is the perfect read for you. Yes you who wants a well told story full of love, faith and fun. hard copy Soft Copy

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