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Ghost Writing Services

Would you like to become a critically acclaimed Author without writing a single word?
We can do that.
We can write your book in your voice from start to finish and you’ll not have to write a single line.
Remember those ideas you’ve been nurturing for years? We can translate them into a book and all you have to do is put your name on it.

 We also offer proofreading and editing services.



Coach Laju wants to see your project come to life

My mum, a former Federal Minister has always had dreams of becoming an author. But because of her busy schedule, she never got around to doing it. I had read one of Laju's books a few years ago and was confident that she could handle the job. I contacted her to ghostwrite my mum's book and she did an amazing job. I enjoyed working with her as she is efficient and professional; extremely hard working and dedicated to her job. It’s like she can’t wait to see your project come to life and this is something I really like. If not for confidentiality, I would love to show people a sample of the work she did for my mum. I’d highly recommend her to anyone I know.

Ghost Writing Services Client
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Manuscript Buddy

Writing a book is a journey and sometimes, you need someone with you from the beginning to the end, to make the journey easier, more efficient and more productive. 
Sometimes, you need someone to hold your hand.
I want to be that someone.
To hold your hand as you write and finish your book
My goal isn’t to coach every single person in the world who wants to write a book. My goal is to coach that person who is willing to invest in themselves to write a book that will sell them, anywhere in the world.
Whether in the US or in Nigeria, in Aso Rock or in the white house.
I can’t wait to work with you.



Tolu Michaels
Coach Laju knows all about books

As a digital entrepreneur, when it came to writing my first book, I wasn't sure I could write a good book - like the ones I enjoyed reading. After my session with Laju, I knew that I was ready to write the book I really wanted to write. I was excited. CL is not just a writer, she knows all about books, that's why she's the #1 book writing coach.

Tolu Michaels
Personal Brand Strategist
Two books in three months

I enrolled in Laju Iren’s manuscript buddy program and started working with her on July the 13th. By August 13th , my first book was ready for editing. By the middle of October, my second book was done. The last book I wrote was 6 years ago and I did not have half as much fun as I had in this process. Laju is professional, she is good at what she does. She makes it fun, makes it enjoyable and she helps you deliver on time. I highly recommend.

Mayowa Ijisesan
Pastor, Kingsword International
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1:1 Strategy Session

Unsure of what services you need? 

Then book a one-on-one with me.

Not to brag but in the past four years, I have published six bestselling titles. I have also helped other authors become bestsellers and created trainings that have helped hundreds of people like you get started with their writing careers.
Trust me to give you the help that your writing journey needs.
Follow the links below to book a session with me


On the bestseller list for 23 weeks

My books have been on the Okadabooks bestselling list for 23 weeks, it all began after my first session with Coach Laju. From not knowing that we could and that we had an audience waiting to read my books to 4 publications in 5 days, we hit over 110 books sold in a week. At the close of the first week, two of the books were on the top 10 charts. Laju encourages, supports, pushes and follows through to the goal.

Ocholi Okutepa
Best Selling Author and Co-Founder, Relationship and Marriage
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