Sama stole my husband

Sama stole my husband.
I promised myself that I’d never be one of those women who embarrassed herself over a man.
But he promised that he’d be faithful.
And Sama, tschew!
That whore promised herself to five men before she met mine.
It turns out promises are made to be broken.
By the time I’m done with her, she’d barely be able to walk, how much more…
I won’t cry.
My heart is broken but I won’t cry.
What did men see in her?
What did my own husband see in that old hag that he didn’t see in me?
‘’What do you mean you’re in love with someone else?’’
I cried.
We have children!
I’m carrying the littlest one on my back, and my broken heart on my sleeve, as I walk through the city.
Where was God in all this?
I know I don’t matter to him.
I doubt that my ancestors did.
We worshipped on the mountain for centuries with no sign of the promised savior.
Even God couldn’t keep his promise; no wonder everyone around here was breaking theirs.
I had never thought about the best way to break a head before now.
Would I smash it into pieces or drill a hole like Jael did?
I get to the house that used to be mine to fight the woman with a man that used to be mine.
It turns out I don’t have to make a decision immediately- I mean about how to break her head.
The home breaker is not home.
Who goes to the well in the middle of the day?
A loose woman!
I don’t know which is racing faster; my heart or footsteps.
I will make a scene at that well,
But as I come closer, it seems like someone has beaten me to it.
I would recognize that voice surrounded by a large crowd anywhere.
You never forget the moaning sound of another woman in your husband’s bed.
But it’s the words I can’t place.
I push my way through the crowds, fists clenched. I will beat her senseless today.
I’m face to face with the one who has caused me so much pain; I strike her across the face.
I know she must be spoiling for a fight.
Instead, she goes on her knees and turns the other cheek.
Her tears drop to my feet.
I am finally able to make out her words.
She sounds…whole.
‘I met the Christ, he told me everything I ever did!’
In this moment I realise that I need the new man she has more than the old one she took.

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