Priscilla and Aquila (Part 2)

It was still so early when Aquila heard a knock on the door.
It wasn’t unusual; Christians all over the world were being persecuted and it was an open secret that if they ever needed a place to stay in Corinth, they had one here.
Christians faced beheadings in Jerusalem, and beatings in Ephesus, but Corinth seemed safe…for now.
Paul  had said persecution was something Christians should take on with joy.
Silas seemed to agree as well. During his last visit to Corinth, he and Paul recounted their ordeal at Phillipi.
“It was in Phillipi, one of those inner cities in Macedonia. This girl won’t leave us alone. She followed us about for days saying: “These men are the servants of the Most High God, who proclaim to us the way of salvation.”
“She had an unclean spirit, so Paul cast it out of her.”
“They did not find it funny at all!” Paul interjected.
“In fact, finish the story, I think you tell it better.” Said Silas.
“I know I do, but how can you improve you storytelling skills if you don’t talk more”said Paul jokingly.
“Ok then, I’ll continue.” Silas said
“She made a lot of money for her slave masters by fortune telling. So we were in big trouble for spoiling their business.”
“So the next thing we know, we were stripped and beaten with rods, then locked up in a Macedonian jail, suffering for Christ.”
The way both men were smiling, one would think they had been gifted a treasure chest full of gold.
“What happened next?” asked Aquila who had been listening intently.
“We sang, rejoicing that we were counted worthy to suffer for Christ,” said Paul.
“I sang, Paul croaked along.” Said Silas.
“The sound of my voice doesn’t matter to God,” said Paul laughing, “who knows, maybe that’s what caused the earthquake.”
“An earthquake?” said Priscilla, eyes widened.
“As we sang and ministered to God, there was a great earthquake that shook even the foundations of the prisons. All the doors were opened, and all the chains loosed.”
“The jailer thought we had escaped and tried to kill himself. He could not believe his eyes.”
“Guess what? He and his entire family are a strong part of the Phillipian church today.”
It seemed strange that Aquila would remember that episode as he rushed to the door. He prayed all was well.
It was Crispus, a ruler of the synagogue who had now become a follower of Christ through Paul’s teaching.
The old man seemed worried.
“Brother, we must pray, some Jews have detained Paul and dragged him before Gallio the Proconsul.”
They prayed all day. So did the church that met in their house.
Priscilla was still on her knees when someone said Paul had returned.
They rejoiced, thanking God that he had come back safe and sound.
When Paul addressed the believers later that day, he resounded an all too familiar conviction.
“Brothers, death is gain for us, because our hope is Christ. However, the spirit of God has assured me that I won’t be leaving you all just yet. We’ve got work to do.”
Priscilla looked up at her husband in amazement. Jesus had really changed him. There was a joy in Aquila’s eyes that Priscilla had never seen before Paul ministered to them.
“You once told me you would live and die in Rome, Italian wine in hand. You nearly died when we moved to Corinth and now you want to go to Syria?”
Aquila remembered those days when all he cared about was money and wine. He had never thought himself a bad person, but looking back, he saw how empty his life had been.
He cradled Priscilla’s face in his hands, giving her a kiss on the forehead.
“The Holy Spirit makes us see the important things in life, doesn’t he?’
It wasn’t a question that required an answer, but Priscilla answered anyway.
‘He sure does, Quil’
Priscilla smiled, returning to the tapestry she was designing on their new client’s new tent. Before, it was Quil’s job to make the money, and hers to spend it, but now she was always willing to help. If Aquila and Paul had less to do, they could attend even more to the work of the gospel. It was indeed a miracle how multifaceted their relationship with Paul was. God had sent them, not just a pastor and friend, but a fellow tentmaker as well.
‘My Princess, I know it’s a long journey, but imagine what this would mean for the gospel. Those people have never heard the gospel before. And your husband could be one of the first to preach it to them!’
‘That’s amazing!  I remember when we heard the good news for the first time. I would never want to deprive anyone of that.’
‘Besides, Paul is getting older. He needs people he can trust to look after him, especially after that issue with…’
‘You are so right my love!’
‘Besides your handwriting is more legible than many others, so you could keep helping him with the letters…’
‘So when do we leave?’
‘Once we finish the next batch of…”
Quil’s face had moved from joyful to pensive.
Wait, did you just say we?’
‘Of course I did.’
‘But Priscilla, this journey isn’t going to be easy for a woman.’
‘What woman?’ Priscilla looked around and laughed
“Where is she? This woman you’re talking about.”
“My dear husband, I am first a follower of Christ before I am woman.
I’m sure it’s easier to travel to Syria than to give birth to a baby. And those two grown-up sons you’re so proud of-they came from this woman.  Besides do you want me to share during our next fellowship times, how many times I carried you up the stairs when…
Quil rushed to kiss her, trapping both hands behind her.
She escaped almost immediately, tickling him to no end.
‘Admit it, I have more stamina than you.’
‘Okay, when next you fall asleep during our prayer meetings, I will tell everyone…”
“Pris, I’ve never fallen asleep during a prayer meeting.”
“Well, you will in Syria if I’m not there to wake you up” she said with a twinkle in her eye.
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  1. Opeyemi Olokede February 7, 2017 at 10:51 am

    I love this!!!
    It’s so awesome. A marriage centered on Christ!

  2. Ufedo July 16, 2017 at 8:14 am

    I always saw Paul as a stern, somewhat scary character, who never cracked a smile and yelled “blasphemy!” if you dared joke about God…This personal angle makes me even relax more with God.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Joshua Okegene Kesena May 12, 2018 at 1:43 pm

    you are such a great writer…the story was soooooo relatable and funny…LOVE IT!!!!


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