My Dauntless Story: Laju Iren


I can tell you about fear. It had me tongue tied for years. Despite explicit instructions from the Holy Ghost to preach in the bus, my sweaty palms and fast beating heart got the better of me.
Fear was the reason I never wanted to do anything on a big scale, so that if I failed, it won’t seem to catastrophic.
I can tell you about ‘what ifs’. They were constant shackles in my not so far history.
What if this pregnancy doesn’t work out like the last one?
What if I try to lose the weight and fail?
What if I resign and no one reads my blog and wants to hear me speak?
What if I pray for the sick and everything remains the same?
What if I counsel someone and she still doesn’t change?
What if my marriage doesn’t make it after all my relationship advice ‘up and down?’
What if I never overcome this sinful habit?
What if I preach to them and they still won’t listen?
What if there isn’t enough money to do what God wants me to?
What if I start this big book and can’t finish.
What if no one buys it?
What if I hold a meeting and only a few people come?
But in the past one year or so, fear died a slow painful death.
I told more people about Jesus in three months than I had ever done in my life and inspired many others to preach in the bus.
The marriage is stronger.
The pregnancy evolved into a beautiful one plus year old.
The weight went (and stayed off).
I got busier after resignation.
People listen to counsel; they actually want to hear what in have to say
Thousands of people read the blog. Thousands more will buy the book😊
The sick get healed.
The habit died.
God provides.
There is still a lot of growing, a lot of trusting, a lot of stuff not going according to plan…but no longer a lot of fear. It still tries to ressurect. But I know the One with ressurection power. And His name ain’t Fear. I know because He lives in me.
I no longer think about how afraid I feel. I shake it off, lock up, put the Holy Ghost on AutoPilot and #justdoit.
I’m Laju Iren used to be afraid. But now, you can call me #Dauntless.
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  1. Akinmusere Eniola August 28, 2017 at 11:32 am

    This is Nice,thanks alot ma.i was at the conference yesterday and Trust me I saw things in a different way.i got better..I am dauntless.i see myself differently..i take my steps boldly knowing that .God has got my back. God bless you..I appreciate the gift of are such a beautiful woman (in and out). someone I really look up too.. though I have been doing that from afar.. please ma,how can I subscribe to your blog do I can get new post alert


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