Life After a Miscarriage

By Laju Iren

Don’t read this if you’re pregnant. This post wasn’t written for everyone. But for those for whom it was written, it was necessary that it be written.

One in four pregnancies end in a miscarriage. But when it happens to you, you don’t feel like one in four. But one-and alone-in the world. It seems like you’re on a lonely road; a painful, lonely road that causes your heart to bleed with every step. Can I let you know something, you’re not alone and you’ll be just fine. Losing a baby, albeit an unborn one is a very painful thing. But I will not dwell on the pain. I want to focus on what you should do to rise above it.

Remember that God is good

God is good. That is His nature. He is good regardless of our situation. He did not ‘make you’ lose a child to punish you for something you did. Jesus has already taken the punishment for your sin. He will be with you as you go through this, bringing you comfort that can only come from Him. Never let the fact that you had a miscarriage alter you opinion of God as a loving father. If you do, then that’s a loss greater than what you’re already experiencing.

Rejoice with those that rejoice

Believe me, when you have a miscarriage, it might seem like everyone around you is pregnant. Rejoice with them. You don’t have to pretend like you’re not affected by the whole thing. But sincerely work on you heart. Your time will come. Just treat others the way you want to be treated when your time comes.


You are doing a lot of work by resting after a miscarriage. Don’t just rest your body. Rest your mind and take time out to be refreshed on your spirit. This is not the time to be asking God why or denying his existence. He is God regardless of our situations and he has promised that he would always be there for us, even in tough times. Also, let go of anxiety. You got pregnant before, you will get pregnant again and you will have your baby.

See your doctor

Doctors, I believe, are God’s gift to us. They may not always be right, they may not always be optimistic, but many times, the right medical advice can help. Do your best to do obey your doctor’s instruction as well.
Husband matters
Your spouse is going through a loss as well. Don’t be to quick to lash out on him in this period. Comfort each other. Be patient. And don’t cast the blame. More often than not, a miscarriage is no one’s fault.
Pray and confess the word
Although I believe in medical science, my true faith is in the word of God. Spend time in prayer as you go through your process. Not necessarily for anything, but in fellowship with God. Believe me, you will come out stronger. Don’t forget your hope. It isn’t in building a family or having a baby it’s in Christ. Stay strong in him and trust the Holy Spirit to comfort you. In a matter of time, you will comfort others.
There is also the place of prayer concerning your pregnancy, especially when you get pregnant again. And you will dear sister. You will.
Here are some confessions I would like you to make:
I love you Lord Jesus.
My faith in you is not determined by the circumstances around me.
You are my joy. You are my hope.
Even in this trying time, I trust you.
I trust you to comfort me, and help me and my family come out stronger
Speak to your body:
Body, the same God who gave Sarah power to give birth at over 90 years of age, lives in me.
I have the power to conceive. I will conceive again.
I will carry my baby to term. I will have a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy.
I pray for everyone who is pregnant or hoping to conceive as well
Thank you Lord, because you’ll give them the desires of their hearts.
In the name of Jesus.
If you ever need to talk, please email me with your number at and I’ll give you a call.
Love and Prayers,
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