Who is the Holy Spirit and how can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?

Hi, can you please write a post on the Holy Spirit? How to be filled with the spirit as I’ve noticed nothing can be done without the Holy Spirit. I’m a slightly new believer and this is something I really want to experience.

Thank you for your question.
The Holy Spirit is on the inside of every born again believer. From the moment you believed in Jesus, you were baptized into the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Ghost on your inside that makes you saved. The infilling of the Holy Ghost however refers to the experience that causes you to operate in the Manifestations, administrations and operations of the spirit, popularly referred to as spiritual gifts. In some cases, this happens at the same time as new birth, in some cases, it is a different experience.
What is important to note however, is that God expects and has made provision for every believer to be filled with the spirit. When the early church was filled with the Holy Spirit for the first time in Acts 2, everyone in the upper room spoke in tongues. This is a consistent theme through out scripture. Some people see spiritual gifts as a possession such that you might have the gift of prophecy or speaking in tongues, while another person might have the gift of the word of wisdom and interpretation of tongues. However, careful studies will reveal that what we do have is the Holy Spirit on our inside who empowers us to function in every gift as the need arises.
To be filled with the Holy Spirit, you may or may not have hands laid on you by someone who has the Holy Spirit.
Once you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you can work in power. It does not matter how long you’ve been in the faith, or whether or not you’re a pastor.
What you must do is acknowledge the work of the spirit on your inside. Medidate on what the bible says about the man in Christ. Secondly, spend time on prayer, especially in tongues. Not asking for power, you already have that, but stirring yourself up in the spirit. Finally, learn to preach the gospel to yourself, declaring the work of the spirit in you.
This is just a brief summary. To learn more about the Holy Spirit, especially His ministry of Salvation, Sanctification, and Resurection in the life of a believer, listen to the following messages by Pastor Emmanuel Iren: The Holy Spirit of Promise, and The Supernatural Church. They are available on www.soundcloud.com. Search for Celebration Church Ng on Sound Cloud and you’ll find them among other life changing messages.

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