Four reasons why I love Celebration church

It was on this day four years ago that Celebration Church Int’l had our first service in the Ikotun area of Lagos state. The name was Life Triumphal Church then. But it’s changed now. Just like we have. We’ve grown. We are still growing; experiencing progress and joy in the faith under the leadership of our dear pastor, Pst Emmanuel Iren. Since we’re turning four, I thought to share four reasons why I absolutely love Celebration Church:
1. We are Christ-Centred
It doesn’t matter whether it’s on Sunday or Thursday or Friday, you never leave Celebration Church thinking about yourself. I mean never. When you do, it’s got to be in relation to Christ…on a really deep level. You are immersed into the Supremacy of Christ in A Life (SOCIAL)…what he has done for you and how you must live for him. Our Christ-Centredness is not as a result of ‘every other thing’ we want from God. Neither is it a grudging, ‘here-we-go-again-this-Christian-thing-nah-stress.’ No. We live in Christ, for Christ, with Joy.
2. We are word-centred
It’s very unlikely that you’d find a group of people more respectful than members of Celebration Church. But our utmost regard is for God’s word. We are careful about taking God’s word within context; not running into assumptions based on secluded texts, but studying the whole counsel of God on an issue. We are exegetical, following God’s word to know what He is saying, not eisegetical; making God’s word say what we want it to say. We care as much about doctrine as we do about the supernatural, as much about good works as we do about Grace. We are a balanced church.
3. We love one another
Hmmm…I don’t know how to say this more than how I’ve said it. We love one another!
4. I love my pastor
Pst. Emmanuel Iren is a good pastor. He is sincere, apt to teach, particular about the word, cares about people, and works hard. He is not greedy and does not take advantage of protegees and church members. He is a good example of a believer and loves the Lord with all his heart.
Dear Pastor, I want to not just congratulate you, but our entire Celebration Church family as well. It is because you answered God’s call that we have such joy! May God bless you for us and bring to pass all that he has laid in your heart for this ministry!

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  1. Hayford Bakpa November 12, 2016 at 2:47 pm

    I am a beneficiary of God’s call upon Pastor Emmanuel Iren’s life. I truly rejoice with my father and mentor, Pastor Iren, his family, and the entire Celebration Church family.

  2. Jumoke November 13, 2016 at 8:30 pm

    I really have to come and visit one of the days….congratulations on the anniversary.


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