Dear Laju, my boyfriend is attracted to someone else

 I am in a relationship with a guy who I’m older than with a few months, it wrong? Also few days ago we were talking and he said he feels attracted to his new female friend but that he is trying to deal with it. What do I do?

Thank you for your question. I do not believe that you being a few months older than your beloved is an issue. The question is one of maturity. Is he emotionally and spiritually mature? Maturity is much more important than age especially when we are just talking about a few months. Also, is he the kind of person that you can submit to as a husband if it gets that regardless of his age?

About him being attracted to someone else, we have to dissect it carefully. Was he telling you because he wants to share his struggles with you as someone that he trusts? Or was he trying to give you a hint to let you know that he’s no longer interested in you? Also, what sought of attraction? Does he see her as someone he’d rather be with or is it a physical temptation? These are issues you both have to talk about. Is he still attracted to you? What is he doing about his attraction to her? Is he continually to trying to spend time with her? Has such a thing happened before?These are some issues you both must confront if you’re to make a headway. Please keep me posted after your discussion with him and let’s go forward from there. The place of prayer can also not be over-emphasized. The spirit of God can help you decipher the truth in this situation. If you are not convinced that he can remain faithful, now is the time to act, not in marriage. However, don’t be too quick to rush into conclusion. Handle this prayerfully and let’s talk some more.

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