Valentine is for singles!

Valentine’s day can be a bore if you’re single, a pain if you’re in a relationship that’s having problems and downright heartbreak if you just went through a break up. Take heart, there are so many reasons you should be glad this season. 1. Joy doesn’t come from having a significant other Relationships are not about two halves coming together…

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Register for Sit. Pray. Talk

Thanks for choosing to Register for Sit. Pray. Talk. [contact-form-7 id=”455″ title=”Contact form 1_copy”] Alternatively, Please drop your full name, phone number, Facebook and Instagram IDs in the comment section. (They will be kept private). Looking forward to seeing you on February 25!   Love and Prayers, Laju Iren

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Hadiza Run! The dreadful sound of machine guns pierced through the once calm night. ‘Insha Allah, he is my only son.’ She had never heard mama so frightened. Was that Abdullahi, wailing profusely? Hadiza woke up with a start. ‘Diza, run!’ She had not been dreaming. Abdullahi terrified voice warning her in his last moments. ‘Please, kill me, but don’t…

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