Barrenness, Lies & Laughter (Selfies With Bible Girls)

Purchase Selfies With Bible Girls Profile: Sarah Location: Genesis 17-23 #MotherAt99 #MotherOfNations #FirstMotherInIsrael #Abe’sWife #Submission#barrenness #miraclebabies #ttc “I’m the one asking you to do this Abe. You know that I would do whatever you ask me to, no matter how uncomfortable it makes me feel.” Her husband was quiet. “This is different. How can I be with another woman? I…

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Making Friendships Work

By  Adetoun Jegede I want to believe that friendship is one of the beautiful numerous gifts that our heavenly father has bestowed upon us and if properly groomed and nurtured, it can last forever! However a good friend or friendship doesn’t just suddenly jump at you!, It takes a conscious effort and commitment on your part to make it work.…

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