Barrenness, Lies & Laughter (Selfies With Bible Girls)

Purchase Selfies With Bible Girls Profile: Sarah Location: Genesis 17-23 #MotherAt99 #MotherOfNations #FirstMotherInIsrael #Abe’sWife #Submission#barrenness #miraclebabies #ttc “I’m the one asking you to do this Abe. You know that I would do whatever you ask me to, no matter how uncomfortable it makes me feel.” Her husband was quiet. “This is different. How can I be with another woman? I…

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So, you're pregnant?

Positive! There’s almost nothing as heart warming as seeing two lines on your pregnancy kit. Especially if you’ve been praying and waiting. Congratulations! Your life is about to change. This article is to help you in this new phase of your life. 1. All pregnancies are different Some ladies make pregnancy look like a runway show. They don’t give up…

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Life After a Miscarriage

By Laju Iren Don’t read this if you’re pregnant. This post wasn’t written for everyone. But for those for whom it was written, it was necessary that it be written. One in four pregnancies end in a miscarriage. But when it happens to you, you don’t feel like one in four. But one-and alone-in the world. It seems like you’re…

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