‘I’m in love with Supergirl’ (PART 2)

How to choose the right supergirl A note to Super Girls! To fully understand this post, you need to read part one. Just in case you haven’t seen it yet, click here. That said, I’m not going to tell you that you should marry just any supergirl because you’re secure in yourself and don’t need a woman’s respect to define…

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I'm in love with Supergirl

For men who love leading Ladies By Laju Iren I think that the man Lappidoth is one of the most unsung heroes in the bible. In a time when most women were identified by their husbands, and men were identified by their prowess, he was known by many simply as ‘Deborah’s husband.’ It kind of reminds me of my secondary…

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How to Choose the Wrong Spouse

by Laju Iren I don’t always show it, but I get a little worried when I counsel some young people about their relationships. Sometimes I just feel like asking them the hubby’s famous words: ‘Why are you so bent on ruining your life?’ That’s why I’ve written this article. I’m hoping that you’d see more clearly what a bad relationship…

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