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I love to get questions from my readers. It shows that people are actually paying attention and want to practice what they learn. Although this batch contains largely relationship questions, you can ask me about anything. To do so, send questions to or simply post them in the comments section. Even if I don’t have the answers, I know the one who does. *winks
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Sex: After court or church wedding?

  I know it’s #Dauntless #SelfiesWithBibleGirls season. But I’m still a #relationshipblogger so I feel the need to make clearer what should be done as regards this ongoing debate. Interestingly, I had answered this in another book I’m working on, so I practically copied and pasted from the draft. Que: We have done the court wedding, he is of the…

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When you don't 'feel' God

Dear Laju, I know I love God but I never feel his presence, hear him and I have never had any supernatural experience.  What do I do? I guess you could say that I don’t always feel married. One of the things I do when I get into the house is take off my wedding ring (I’ve never forgotten to…

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I don't believe in marriage

I love God but I don’t believe in marriage. Yes I’ve had certain experiences at home that may I’ve shaped it but I feel like I’m called to a life of celibacy. Is that okay?   There are two things here. One is you believing that you have been called to a life of celibacy and the second is not…

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Dear Laju, I lost my virginity

Dear Laju, I lost my virginity at a young age but I’m a Christian now. But I still feel like no good man will ever love me.     There is no need to feel like no one will ever love you. I know of good guys, great guys- who have married ladies who weren’t virgins. Salmon, married Rahab the…

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Are Moses and Elijah in Heaven?

    I have always believed that Moses and Elijah are in heaven, but then, an atheist once asked me why Jesus Christ so clearly stated, “And no man has ascended up to heaven” (John 3:13). …and she even went further to ask if Christ was confused. Did Jesus Christ, as He worked with the Father, just never happen to…

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