Anniversary Special


I wanted to make it very easy for you to be a part of our anniversary celebration, since you can’t be with us.

So i thought, what better way than a blog post with all the information you need?

I made a video and a blog post on how to still accomplish your new year resolutions, by all means don’t miss that. You can find the post here and the video here

You can also enjoy 40 to 50 percent off my books Mirror, mirror and Dating Intelligently. Only today on

I wrote 4,000 of the most brutally honest words and made it into a post, telling you about 5 mistakes i finally stopped making before my fifth anniversary. There’s so much to learn in there so don’t miss it. You can also find the video i did on the same topic here

Finally, if you’re in Abuja or Lagos, join us for Young and Free Conference. Saturday 2nd in Abuja and Sunday 3rd in Lagos. If by the time you’re reading this you still haven’t registered, you can do so

One last thing, don’t leave without saying hi.

Now i can run back to my mini vacation. Bye.

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