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Meet Laju Iren

Three years ago, Laju Iren quit her job as a journalist with a top Nigerian newspaper to become a full time author and speaker. She has since then spoken to thousands of men and women around the country, published five books, earned her reputation as a best-selling author, and trained hundreds of writers with the experience gathered from her first degree in Mass Communication from Covenant University, and a Masters’ in same from the University of Lagos.

She has ministered to thousands of men and women and continues to partner with her husband, the Lead Pastor of Celebration Church Int’l, in the work of the ministry. As a pastor, she is passionate about pointing people to the Christ-centred purpose of their lives, preaching with clarity, accuracy and signs following. 

Fondly called The Lord’s Storyteller, Pst. Laju is the author of Dating Intelligently, a common sense guide to courtship, and is extremely passionate about helping singles maximize their singlehood and make wise relationship decisions. She also authored the critically acclaimed Selfies With Bible Girls, which retells the stories of over twenty-two female bible characters and the contemporary lessons we can learn from them. Her debut book, Girl-Cyclopaedia is a compendium of questions young ladies ask and answers they actually need. Her recent Christian Novels, Loving Amanda and Finding Miriam, have been hailed as masterpieces that communicate the love of God and his plan for relationships in a way that keeps readers glued. Her recently published book, Mirror, Mirror pushes women to see themselves through the eyes of the All-seeing one. 

Laju is also a film maker. She wrote, directed and produced her debut film, Love is a Star, which garnered over 14,000 views in one week on her YouTube channel, Laju Iren. She also recently wrote, directed and produced During Ever After, which has already beat it’s predecessor’s record, gathering over 14,000 views within the first three days of launch.

She is the Founder of the Christian Story Teller Prize, Africa’s premiere prize for Christ-centred stories.

Laju Iren spends her days purposefully, as she raises her two daughters in partnership with her husband and best friend, Pst Emmanuel Iren. She connects with a combined audience of over 60,000 people on her blog, lajuiren.com,  her instagram page @lajuiren and her YouTube Channel: Laju Iren.

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