9 things you should never say (or do) to a pregnant woman

Plus, ways to make pregnancy easier on your loved ones

By Adetoun Jegede
Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences a woman can have and it is also a great privilege to be a vessel through which a life comes to being. Considering how difficult it can be, you’d expect people to treat pregnant women with all the respect and care they deserve.
Sadly, such expectations are cut short many times, interestingly by people who think they are doing the right thing. Anyways, from my own personal experience and also people’s experiences, I decided to come up with a couple of Dos and Dont’s for you as a person who comes across a pregnant woman, and also for all the beautiful preggos out there!
The seriousness of your offense (lol) may vary from person to person, but I’m sure you’d be able to pick a thing or two from this:

Here are the DON’TS when relating to a preggo:


  1. Don’t state the obvious

Pregnancy brings about significant changes in women. Some are physical, while others are not.  These changes are normal. I mean! It is not easy have another human being growing on your inside!  Such changes come at different stages in pregnancy and also differ from person to person.  You might have seen a pregnant woman lately with swollen feet, enlarged breasts, big nose, overweight body or perhaps even an underweight body!  Now, as much as you might be tempted to state any of these obvious things, It is very wrong! The next time you are about to say such, just remember this post and give a very nice compliment!

  1. No Expensive or Sensitive Jokes

This is very self explanatory, even doing that to your fellow ‘ non pregnant ‘ human being is wrong (as can be seen in the word of God Prov 26:19 EPH 5:4) not to now talk of a pregnant woman who is probably moody as a result of her hormones. Please do not do this.

  1. No Pity

Don’t give her a Pitiful look like she’s carrying a disease or something; Pregnancy is not a sickness, It’s a beautiful experience, and it doesn’t devalue you as a woman. It is not a burden. Please stop giving her that look! She’s only pregnant she’s not ill!

  1. No horrible stories, thank you!

Don’t instill fear or share horrible experiences with a pregnant woman: There are some myths and beliefs that people have concerning pregnancy. Don’t be so quick to share such! Don’t even share at all. Don’t tell stories of a pregnant person who had a bad experience that you know about, there is no need to do so.

  1. Don’t turn yourself into their doctor overnight

Because you have had the same experience before doesn’t mean the pregnant woman next to you is currently having hers the exact way. Don’t prescribe drugs for them, it’s okay to share what worked for you but also encourage them to check with their doctors.

  1. Keep calm…she’s pregnant

Don’t trigger anger in them or engage them in a fight: you shouldn’t be the one to upset a pregnant woman, and even if she upsets you, please make peace with her, don’t even try to engage her in a fight or cause them to get angry….the implication might be dangerous.

  1. No Bump touching

This actually depends on your relationship with the pregnant woman, I mean, why  wouldn’t I want to touch my Sister or Bestie’s Bump! However we must understand that it is a very sensitive issue and if you two are not so cool like that, then touching or playing with their bump might be taking things too far.

  1. Don’t use demoralizing words on them

Words like ‘ugly’, ‘fat’, ‘swollen’ ‘round’ e.t.c  are just so wrong! If you have been doing so, you better change your ways!

  1. Avoid Gender Bias

You are not God and you are not the father, or mother of the baby, why must you keep emphasizing which sex you’d want them to have? My dear brother or sister, you can just kindly keep that to yourself. J
Instead of doing any of the above things, there are other ways you can appreciate and make a pregnant woman happy.

Try out any of the following:


  1. Offer to give them a helping hand. You can just simply ask “How Can I Be of Help to You?”

2. Tell her you are praying for her: and of course, put her in your prayers.

  1. Compliment her. Check out that pregnant woman very well, I’m sure there is definitely something you can admire about her.


  1. Show her Love. Even if she’s a stranger, don’t let a pregnant woman stand in the bus or at a reception while you sit comfortably.


  1. Tell her you respect her : I repeat! It is not easy to be carrying a life inside of you


  1. Ask for permission to pray with her


  1. Check on her. You can buy her fruits, and help her out with some tasks if you have the time


  1. Help her with information that would come in handy


  1. Tell her you can’t wait to behold her bundle of Joy. You can also buy a gift for her unborn child.

E no dey show for face

The first few months of pregnancy are the most sensitive. However, very few people are aware of a woman’s pregnancy at that stage. That’s why you must treat all women with care and respect, because you don’t always know who is pregnant.
And to you the beautiful pregnant woman, please don’t be caught doing any of the above ‘don’ts’  to yourself. Whenever you have doubts and fear, confess the word of God and declare what you want to see. Pray for your unborn child, pray for your Doctors and everyone that will be in charge of your pregnancy and delivery, make sure to go for your antenatal and regular checkups, eat well and not in excess, take lots of fruits and take walks , do not be lazy! Do not show up everywhere looking unkept and tattered; make sure you wear comfortable clothes to suit your body per time and take good care of yourself.
Thanks for reading! What is the most annoying thing some did to you when you were pregnant? What else do you think we need to know when dealing with pregnant chicks? Please share in the comments section.

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  1. Gracias Elohim May 23, 2017 at 3:08 am

    Thank you for this. I just learnt a lot!

  2. Joshua Okegene Kesena May 12, 2018 at 2:01 pm

    i feel well equipped for when my wife-to-be gets pregnant!! Thank you!!!


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