The Chinese bamboo is an interesting tree. While most trees grow steadily over a period of time, it doesn’t break through the ground in the first year. If you go to the ground where it is planted, you may barely notice anything above the surface, but you would be wrong to uproot the seed.

In the second year, you might stand on top of it and see no difference whatsoever. Probably if no one told you that it was planted there, you would never guess that was the case. Just like a number of us reading this book. No one can see your life now and know the plans God has for you. They might be passing by you every day, standing over you, not knowing that you’ve got a seed of greatness within you. Just like the Chinese bamboo tree, which doesn’t breakthrough in the third or fourth year. You are bearing roots downwards that no one can see.

But in the fifth year, the Chinese bamboo grows at an astonishing rate; up to ninety feet in five weeks. Can you imagine if another tree comes across the Chinese bamboo during its blooming season and doesn’t know its history? The seed would feel bad. Isn’t that what we do many times, compare ourselves to others? How come this person has a ministry that is growing so fast? She just got married and had a baby, meanwhile I don’t have a serious boyfriend?

 We compare our planting season to another person’s harvest season and conclude that God doesn’t love us because things aren’t working in our favour. Whenever you see a jealous tree, you can be sure that at it’s roots is a lack of understanding.

Joseph’s brothers were jealous of him, but they didn’t know that they were the people God had in mind when he chose Joseph many years before. They overcame the challenges of famine without having to go through prison, false imprisonment and slavery, all because of Joseph. When you understand the times and seasons of your life, it will become clear to you that:

The fact that she was called doesn’t make you any less called.

The fact that she got the position you wanted doesn’t mean there isn’t another position for you.

She may have married the love of your life, but that doesn’t mean God doesn’t have more sons.

Prodigal son’s brother, when your daddy tells you: All that I have is yours, please believe him.

Rejoice with your brother!

Rejoice with your sister!

Daddy is not lacking resources. He doesn’t have to “unbless” someone else to bless you.

You are worried that he hasn’t killed a calf for you, when all the inheritance is yours, including the entire herd!

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